Meyve ve Gıda Üretim Pazarlama Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Alanar Fruit was established in 2006. In 2018, the Company was acquired by Tekfen Holding, one of the largest and most esteemed conglomerates of Turkey active primarily in contracting, agriculture and real estate development. Continuing its operations as a subsidiary of Tekfen Agri (Tekfen Tarım), Alanar sets new standards by heavily investing in technology, new orchards and state-of-the-art fruit processing facilities.

Alanar Fruit is a grower-packer-exporter company, growing mostly patented varieties of cherries, French apricot, Japanese plum, pomegranate (Wonderful), and exports majority of its products. Alanar also purchases cherry, black fig, Hicaz variety pomegranate and chestnut from growers for export. The leading exporter of world famous Turkish black fig grown in the Bursa region, Alanar exports thousands of tonnes of figs every year to Europe, Pacific Asia, Middle East, North America and Africa as well. Leader in cherry production, Alanar grows and packs its products with modern methods in order to provide highest quality cherries to its worldwide customers.

Since its foundation, the Company has been growing its own saplings in its state-of-the art nurseries. Alanar Orchards supply fruits for distribution to over 40 countries on 5 continents. GlobalGAP certified cherry, fresh black fig, apricot, Japanese plum, and pomegranate are grown, packed and exported to EU countries, Russia, Pacific Asia, Canada, Middle East and Africa. With their motto of ’Healthy Fruit for Healthy Generations’, Alanar Nursery and Alanar Fruit jointly aim to strengthen their leading position in Turkey as growers and exporters on a global level.

Tarım Ürünleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Alara Agri Business, one of the world’s largest producer and exporter of fresh cherries and figs, has become the global leader by revolutionizing agricultural practices and using advanced fruit processing technology. Alara products are distributed to major retailers in 22 countries across 5 continents. Alara works with the largest and selected growers and employs highly experienced and trained workers during the season.

Alara became a member of The Farm Group in 2015.


Raw material is sourced daily from each village according to food safety and quality specifications by taking the quantity coming from the customers into considiration then shipped directly to the central packhouse in Bursa. The selection, sizing and prepacking is made by the production team under the frequent control of the QA team. Alara fig packhouse is the one and only fig packhouse dedicated to fig packing in Turkey. Alara has the most sophisticated optical fig packing lines in the World, handling 100 tons of figs per day. There are 350 workers packing per day during the season. Alara has new variety development projects in different areas to prolong black fig season. Alara is based in Bursa region which has an isolated perfect climate for this most rated type of black fig variety as well as other varieties. Bursa Black Fig variety has exceptional taste and flavour, large in size purple to reddish flesh colour with crunchy seeds and longer shelf life compare to other varieties. With its highly qualified and quality focused team in the whole chain Alara is one of the biggest exporter of Fresh Black Fig in the world.

Tarım Ürünleri Ltd. Şti.


Supplies fruit harvested in Bursa and Hatay, as well as the products of fruit farmers, to domestic and foreign markets, cooperating with the farmers at every step of the way. With the help of its expert team, the company achieves the production of the highest quality every season. Correctly sorting the fruit in the field and packaging them is the first link of the cold weather chain. Using the right packaging and storage conditions enable us to keep the fruit fresh for longer. To maintain our success, each season we work to improve ourselves and the farmers with whom we collaborate. We learn together and harvest together. And the source of our strength is being a team and working together.


Harvesting, packaging and marketing fruit grown in Turkey, in line with world standards, without compromising sustainable agriculture and ecological balance.


Strengthening the positions of our customers through teamwork and following principled, honest, transparent, traceable and logical methods.

Ltd. Şti.

Since founded year 1979 Bazaar Ltd. exports fresh fruit and wegetables to most of European Countries. We offer our customers a wide variety of fresh products of the highest quality. Our warehouse is located in the centre of the Bursa , Turkey on the main Turkish Black Fig growing area. So we can send freshest and Quality Figs to our customers. Because of direct relationships with our growers base, we have got complete knowledge of the origin of our products. By using the expertise of our growers, we can provide safe and tracable fresh produce grown in a sustainable environment.

Bursa Fidancılık Süs Bitkileri Peyzaj Tarım H San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Since 1977 in pomiculture and arboriculture we have been serving you with the proffessionalism and accuracy. Our mission is to combine the right product with our high quality service and always gain the customer’s content. In our company; We are engaged in the cultivation of Bursa Black Fig, Pear, Chestnut, Grape, Kaki, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry species and fruit trade. We also have a portfolio of over 100 fruit growers. With these specified fruit production plots and our supplier portfolio power, we are in a competitive position in price / product quality for fruit. We also have packaging and cold storage warehouses based in Bursa.

Meyve Sebze Ltd. Şti.

The company FIGER was founded at 1994 in BURSA / TURKEY.

It is a symbol of quality for fresh black figs since established. We have been working to have the certification of GLOBALGAP. In addition, we have certificate of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems (INCLUDING HACCP)

Turkey is 1st. country in the fig production and exportation. The most favourite one is “Bursa Black”, which is produced in the Bursa region. Almost all of the figs originated from this region are exported.

Bursa Black, which has the highest quality in the world is demanded at increasing amounts every year by Europen countries because of its extraordinary flavor, firm skin, size, attractive shape, colour, and long shelf time.

Bursa Black also owns high qaulity regarding food safety when it is compared with the other varieties as it does not require any pesticide. The season is the middle of the August until the end of October.

We pack in 30×40 cm. carton boxes and the size are 16-18-20-22-25 and 27. We also pack in consumer packs as double trays same sizes, we put in the 40 x 60 cm. carton boxes. We also pack in consumer packs as 4 figs/punnet in the 30 x 40 cm or 40 x 60 cm. carton boxes, 6 figs/punnet and 500 gr/punnet we put in the 40×60 cm. carton boxes.

We make to realize the leadership in freshness, newness and the food safety standarts. Our principle is honesty. So, the customer needs come first and our commitments is to fulfill.

Tarım Enerji Depoculuk Nakliye Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi

Fig is the tree of our Anatolia. The sacred tree of almost all cultures from East to West; took part in many religious, mythological and folkloric stories; A tree that shapes our culture while witnessing our history.

Black figs, on the other hand, are one of Bursa’s values… The black fig produced in 36 villages of Bursa provides ninety percent of all production in the world as a production chart…

Our company’s net exports of 1,832 kg of Black Figs to the country of Qatar in 2019 is a start that we value. The only goal of our company will be to find new market shares from other countries by researching and to increase our export capacity by introducing the properties of Black Figs to these countries.

As we explain in our logo: Hoping to leave a clean world to future generations with our organic products that grow on fertile soils…

Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Perla Fruit, established in June of 2019, is a company comprised of experienced and enthusiastic experts in the fresh produce sector. Headquartered in Bursa, Turkey, Perla packs and exports fresh black figs, sweet cherries and tomatoes.

Perla Fruit established own food control laboratory in 2020, Perla Lab was accreditated by IAS – The International Accreditation Service in July 2021 and the unique exporter who has its in house accredited laboratory in Turkey.

Perla Fruit Point of Differences

Human Sources

  • Selective team members experienced in their own fields
  • ‘Lean and mean’ organizational structure
  • Company culture focused on human capital


  • Development of packaging alternative to plastic
  • Solar panels providing 70% of annual electricity consumption
  • Software coding to support paperless on-line QC practices

Operational Strengths

  • The most sophisticated optical cherry sorting lines
  • The most advanced optical fig lines
  • Providing the longest supply calendar
  • Invested in its own laboratory (Perla Lab to guarantee food safety)
  • Selective, large-scale grower base
  • Strong financial position providing timely and reliable payment terms to growers and supplier
  • On-line tracebility system with a unique grower platform

Our vision is to establish strong relationships with our customers by:

  • Delivering safe and quality products
  • Meeting the demands and expectations of our customers through innovation and customer service
  • Providing traceable and sustainable supply chain management services
  • Implementing all European Union regulations

Ltd. Şti.

Our company is active Since 30 years in this business. We are a company with foreign capital, which leads its activities under the name “Pia Frucht”. Our enterprise is equipped with most modern Technical equipment and machinery and with our private food laboratory we can provide you to each time best food quality secure and guarantee.

The company Pia Frucht has three packing stations at the points strategically most important for Cherries, Figs, Table-Grapes, and Citrus Fruits. The packing stations are in Isparta-Uluborlu, Manisa-Alaşehir and Bursa-Ovaakca. The fruits are cleaned, automatically sorted, inspected for defects and packed in one of the most modern machines.

Our laboratory has been taken into operation in 2006 and from the beginning of 2007, our laboratory has completed the accreditation procedure for the international standard norms. In 2016, in addition to our laboratory in Alasehir, we also set up a new laboratory in Bursa. We are able to analyze up to 500 active substances in both laboratories which are includes high polar pesticides like Fosetyl, Ethephon and Glyphosate. Our producers are all certified with GlobalG.A.P./GRASP and our company has IFS.

Since most contract farmers are not aware of the situation, how important it is, to produce quality without pesticides in a production method near to the nature, we went to another way, and since the year 2005 we are operating on our own farms “İntegrated Agriculture” out of consideration to nature and for the protection of humans.

Our farm has 200Ha Cherry Orchard and 100Ha Table-Grapes field. Furthermore, we are planning a new fig plantation/orchard. To the consequence we are now in the position to be guaranteed that our products are under the EU – MRL regulation.

Our company has the largest export share of cherries in Turkey and therefore we are the largest exporter in comparison of Turkey. Cherries, Figs, Table grapes, Pomegranates and Satsumas are one of our export products.

Tarım Ürünleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. Bursa Şb

Sakura specializes in growing, packing and exporting sweet cherries, and fresh black figs. Sakura’s products are distributed to major retailers across the world. Sakura’s strong brand recognition coupled with highly sophisticated cherry and fig line processes.

Lojistik Gıda Tar. Turz. Teks. İnş. Taş. Danış. İth. Hr. Tic. Ve San. Ltd Şti.

Sinerji is one of the leading fresh fruit and vegetables exporters in Turkey that has been known for years for the best fruit and vegetables, selected for taste and quality.

Sinerji was founded in Antalya and has facilities in the heart of Turkey’s most beautiful fruit and vegetable growing regions like Antalya, Bursa, İzmir, Manisa, Denizli.

We offer synergy of your life.

Bursa Hayvancılık Tarım San. ve Tic A.ş.

Bursa Tarım A.Ş. is a public company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey, in the area of Fresh Fruit Vegetables and Livestock. The main objective of Bursa Tarım A.Ş. is to process and package the fruits and vegetables produced by growers in Bursa and to promote Bursa’s fresh products to domestic and international markets.

We are specialized in Black Fig Trade and having cooperation with growers through Bursa Fig Grower Union. Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent quality of Bursa Black Fig with a fair price. Also to be a puclic company gives us a strong credibility and big responsibility in the international fresh Fruit Trade

About Bursa Fig Growers Union

Bursa Black Fig Growers Union was established to produce most quality edibl black fig of the world with our customer focused structure that is open continuous change and development, to be one of the leading growers in the sale and marketing in fresh fig sector, to serve our customers with best quali products and best service by the supports of our partner producers and to crea a sustainable and competitive Association and Cooperative structure as provide the highest benefits to our producer partners with the production process in marketing the products. We have totally 173 partner growers from 10 different villages around Bursa an has a production capacity of 10.000 tons Black fig. We have 10 small collecti houses in each villages and 2 central packing facilities.

Quality Control

Our farms are all Global Gap certified. Supervisors represented by a Global Gap specialist, Agricultural Engineering and Food Engineering controls all our production. Our supervisors do regular field visits.

In our inspections we control the input and output of the products. Our packing facilities meet the high standards of HACCP, BRC and ISO22000.

Process: Assignment of field numbers Assignment of codes to each producer Goods receipt with codes and field numbers on each unit Each crop has a different code number and an own field number Which information ensure the codes: Producer Harvesting Ingredients Analysis Reports In-house procedure Packaging Transport Consumer

Shape: Round, oval or pear-shaped Color: Depending on the variety black, purple, green or yellow Cultivation: Bursa Area

Availability: August to october Taste: Sweet Nutrients: Vitamin C, calcium and potassium one fig is equivalent like two glasses of milk in calcium content. The fig production is chemical free

Black Bursa is a trade mark of Tarım aş Bursa, a local public grower, packing and exporting company for Bursa Black Fig. Bursa Black Fig is known as the best table fig in the world with its long shelf life, external appearance, big size, sweet and juicy on the inside structure. It is only growing in Bursa area and %90 of total black fig production harvested in Bursa. % 80 of production (30.000 tons per year) goes to export market from Australia to Canada, South Africa to Europe. waist insic The fig production in Bursa is chemical free