Features Of Bursa Black Fıg

Features Of Bursa Black Fıg

This fruit is grown only in Bursa and is known as “Bursa Black Fig”.

Fig is defined as a sacred fruit in all religion books.

You can survive by eating this fruit only. Because it contains protein, carbohydrates, water, and many minerals and vitamins.

It is a good source of milk for nursing mothers.

It is a good source of calcium and magnesium for the elderly.

Besides, Adam comes out of heaven with four objects, one of them is a fig leaf. Adam and Eve, eating the forbidden fruit, cover the parts that should not be seen with fig leaves. God rewards this tree with fruit that can be eaten inside and out because it gave them leaves.

The Great Bursa Black Fig

Inimitable Color, Taste , and Delicacy

Bursa Black Fig is accepted as the best-quality table fig in the world with its long shelf life, outer skin, size, sweet and juicy internal form. Bursa is the most important center of Bursa Black Fig production amount of 20 thousand tons.